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MLS Soccer Betting Odds

It’s easy to bet on the soccer events of the Major League Soccer if you understand the basics about the American top soccer league. Some of the factors that are important when deciding when and how to bet include team news, for example, something that is evermore abundant for the MLS, making the life of the punters easier

The clubs now have better structure, and while injuries are still a problem for any club in the world, the MLS teams are more prepared to cope with health and fitness preparation than in the past.

Before learning about the most popular soccer betting markets, let’s have a look at the Evolution of the MLS in terms of club structure.

The Evolution of the MLS: Club Structure

The MLS is growing immensely season after season. The business case is famous, as American soccer clubs are improving in terms of revenue and spending season after season. But there is a lot more happening. 

Some players are deciding to live the peak of their careers and their prime in terms of age in America for a reason. Soccer now attracts young South Americans, for example, to the US, and not just famous players that are about to retire.

The MLS clubs now have a similar structure compared to top European clubs. The scientifical work behind closed doors is immense. Now the coaching staff is composed of efficient members, including physiologists and fitness coaches that know what the best strength training exercises for runners are, which can help the wingers and full-backs, while also focusing on pure strength when it comes to center-backs, for example.

Soccer Betting Odds: MLS

There are basically two types of soccer betting markets that are really popular: the 1×2 match result betting odds and the outrights markets.

In the 1×2 market, you bet if a game of the MLS will have a winner, that is home team (1) and away team (2), or if the match will end in a draw. In America, the sport that has the most similar betting odds structure is ice hockey.

The odds are usually displayed in the decimal system in Europe, but they can perfectly be displayed as moneylines in the US, as there’s a simple conversion formula for styles of odds.

We also have a system called Asian Handicap which is the equivalent of the spread for basketball. Soccer also has over/under betting to guess the number of goals produced in a game, just like other American sports.

The process of placing a bet is similar and it can be done pre-match, in the early and today markets, as well as in the live or in-running markets.

Sports betting is a crucial element of The Beautiful Game in Europe and other areas like South America as the betting industry helps the clubs finance their activities through heavy sponsorship.

Now that you know a bit more about soccer betting, place your bets and good luck!