MLS 2019 Tactical Analysis and statistics: Houston Dynamo
Artwork by @chapulana

Houston Dynamo has a good season so far since they fourth at MLS Western Conference. They recorded seven victories, three draws and three losses. Two out of the three defeats were ended with a 1-0. While the biggest loss was against LA Galaxy by 2-1. Thus they have not conceded many goals even if they got defeated. They only have 1.06 conceded goals per match and 1.7 scored goals per match. Now, this tactical analysis shows how they play and what issues they have.

Playing style and Squad

Houston Dynamo have a fairly possession-based style as they have an average 49% possession rate. Wilmer Cabrera’s man line up in a 4-2-3-1 with a usual double pivot in the middle when they are on the ball. In attacks, they focusing on the lateral zones and often aim to get behind the opponent’s shape. Another element of their play is the counter-attacks where mostly the wingers and the striker participate in it.

In defence, the wingers fall back to the flanks thus forming a 4-4-2 shape. They acting like a man and ball-oriented defence. During the defensive phase, the attacking midfielder joins the striker and usually occupies narrow but with the task to shift over to the later zones if the opponent tries to progress there.

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