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Enjoy Major League Soccer but fed up at the lack of substance on offer surrounding North America’s greatest football league from some media outlets in the world?

With the MLS on a steady rise and continually evolving, it is only right that it gets the coverage that it deserves and the in-depth analysis it needs.

Well, fear no more, as we here at Major League Soccer News aim to bring you all the very latest and the best news and views surrounding the sport in the region and give you that bit more that you are hungry for.

We offer a number of different content strands that give you, the reader, the ability to learn more about the game played Stateside and also, hopefully, helps educate you on some of the different things that are not necessarily available to everyone via the use of traditional media coverage.

Of course, as standard, we provide you with the news surrounding the MLS, however we go one step further than just reporting and regurgitating what has been said by many other publications.

We go into great detail about what certain things mean regarding the news and rumours, using statistical data to help prove the point that is being made, whilst also looking to leave you with more answers than questions.

Major League Soccer News will also delve into the tactical elements of the game with their columnist features, looking at upcoming fixtures and pointing out what can be expected when two teams come up against each other when in search of the MLS Cup, for example.

Thought-provoking opinion pieces are also produced in our columnist section, whilst sharing a different view on what has already been reported in the news.

So, if you are looking for a different take on all things football Stateside, Major League Soccer News is the place for you and will look to bring you the coverage you, the reader, deserves.

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